Dynamics AX2012 has a great feature allowing you to published pre-made questionnaires on the vendor portal.  This is a great asset in ascertaining vendor feedback and suitability.  They also can be used to obtain information about prospective vendors and products.

Before you can use a questionnaire, you must set up tests, questions, answers, and questionnaire measurements.  Those setups are straight forward and well documented, however you might have difficulty in publishing those questionnaire records on the vendor portal.

To do that you must do the following:

        1)      Add a relation to my AX users that will have access to the tests

        2)      Add Vendor’s Procurement categories.

        3)    Add Questionnaires to the procurement categories.

1) Under System administration>Common>users>users>Relations>External relations



2) Under Procurement and sourcing>Area page>Setup>Categories>Procurement categories  add vendors.


3) Under Procurement and sourcing/Area page/Setup/Categories/Procurement categories add the questionnaire and be sure to set the activity to ‘vendor management’ type.


View and execute the available questionnaires in the vendor portal.