When we started this blog, I mentioned that it was written by the program management group for AX HCM.  The main focus of our job is to write the requirements for features going into the next release of AX.  However, as part of that process we do a lot of research to ensure that we are building the right features, and that the features that we do build, have the right functionality.

One of the highlights of our job is working with AX customers and people in HCM roles as part of our research.  We love hearing from you!  We love hearing about your daily activities, the favorite parts of your job, and the not-so-favorite parts of your job.  :)  Last fall I worked on a project that involved researching the role of a recruiter, and I absolutely loved it!  I was so impressed by how quickly recruiters could identify potential candidates but also, how excited they were when they were able to place a candidate into the job of their dreams.  So rewarding and cool! 

Our customer interaction can take place at conferences, over email, video chats, customer visits, and phone calls.  The more we learn from YOU the better we become at what we do.  Therefore, we will occasionally have links to surveys in the blog.  The surveys might ask about a particular process, or about a specific feature, or they might be asking your opinion on a particular topic.  The survey that I’m including in this blog, is just meant to learn more about you, but also to get feedback in the areas of employee self-service, time and attendance, and maintaining employee records.  The survey will take 5-10 minutes and is completely anonymous. It will not ask you for any identifying information.    Also, you do not have to be an AX customer to participate in the survey.

The survey can be found here:



Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!