We would like to announce the release of Performance Analyzer 1.10 for Microsoft Dynamics.  This new and exciting release has a long list of new features:

Peformance Analyzer 1.10  NOTE: SQL Server 2008 and above only for this version.

  • ·         An hourly capture of data that shows your transaction volume per table per hour
  • ·         Auto configures the SQL jobs to the largest Dynamics database in the instance
  • ·         Major performance enhancements of the data collection
  • ·         The public version of our Database compression analysis tools
  • ·         Support for capturing against multiple databases simultaneously
  • ·         Support for new DMV’s added to SQL 2012 and SQL 2008 R2 SP1
  • ·         Sample database maintenance scripts (superfast scripts)
  • ·         SMALLER database!!  We’ve shrunk the storage requirements of the DynamicsPerf database
  • ·         Many internal reliability additions to the codebase


Please stay tuned to this blog for video blogs on this new and exciting release of Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics from your Dynamics Premier Field Engineering team.

Come visit us at Microsoft Convergence 2012 March 18-21 in Houston, TX.  We look forward to meeting you there.  Come see the session on Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics presented by Rod Hansen.  He has a special bonus feature for all of you in attendance.