Multiple items dynamically combined into one product AXtension Kitting adds value to every organization that works with a process in which individually separate but related items are grouped, packaged and supplied together as one unit. With the AXtension Kitting you have a powerful tool to use "sales" Bill Of Materials. For example a wine box that consists of a box, corkscrew, the bottle of wine and a book. Because a kit can have a lead-time so you can define a kit for temporary sales promo's. These are just 2 examples of many situations when AXtension Kitting is an essential enhancement of Microsoft Dynamics AX. A Kit can exist out of items, services and BOM's. The Sales department benefits from AXtension Kitting because they can easily quote the costs of a kit and immediately calculate the sales price for their offer. Using the unique dynamic kit functionality the sales can easy select the required items. The salesman has also a direct insight in the available stock of all the items of the kit and how many kits are direct available. The logistic department saves tremendous amounts of time using AXtension Kitting because they can assemble a kit without going to production and easily handle shipments and returns. Besides sales kits, AXtension® Kitting can also be used for the purchase of kits. This facilitates the buying as well as return/exchange process for the purchase department, offering time saving and less risk for errors