Guest Blogger: Brandon George, Director of Business Intelligence at Sunrise Technologies

In order to craft feature rich data experiences, one needs the correct framework in which such structures are settled upon. This framework, is the true enabling host of value that the Sunrise BI team can deliver for you.

BI-post-121813-1What makes the intelligence framework adaptive is the way the architecture of the approach is created. Meaning, through the use of tools like MicroStrategy and having a value driven approach – what starts out initially for adding value, easily adapts overtime as the business grows.

BI-post-121813-2The expertise that Sunrise can bring for your BI needs means more than mastery of tools. It’s bringing the ability to offer the greatest degree of change-over-time to match your business growth.

The key is an adaptable intelligence framework, created from such an approach.  Through this framework your business can create actionable analytics that drive accurate decision making ability.

With MicroStrategy Mobile’s award winning platform, Sunrise can put your data to work in ways you may not have imagined. This includes deliverables one hundred percent owned by your resources. One example is a lean focus on time-to-decision for workflows and personas throughout your organization.

With our approach of “value early and often” each business process is tackled through the steps of the BI journey that breeds both new life and greater value into the process and persona of focus.

Are you ready to turn your data into a dynamically growing and changing asset? Would you like to have your data engaging, via feature rich experiences? Do you need an adaptable intelligence framework that goes beyond current BI, and can change as you change? Let us prove it to you – contact me today: