The utilization of barcoding and barcode readers has transformed business efficiencies of an incredible number of businesses both large and small. Simple still effective, the bar code as an invention has made itself indispensable only by the multi-faceted advantages that it is offers to the user through the entire barcoding spectrum. Some of the killer advantages of these marvelous invention is.

1: Speed plus Accuracy

A really good information entry operator could enter a Twelve digit number (including product code one example is) on his PDA in approximately 4-5 seconds, but the average could well be more like 7 just a few seconds or more. The same operation in case performed with a bar code scanner would take just one flick in the wrist, less than a second. The use of the bar code scanners is unmatched to use ability to plough through significant volumes of these operations effortlessly. While an information entry operator will make keyboard errors whenever he types with data, the chances of a new barcode reader giving wrong output is actually nonexistent tending almost for you to zero. For all simple purposes, accuracy is exact, every time this barcode reader creates its flowing movements over the barcode.

2: Implementation Ease

You decide you need to start using barcodes to your products but are uneasy that you have never completed it before? Fear not, to get in 10-20 minutes of energy that scenario could possibly get reversed. The use of barcode readers is almost childishly uncomplicated with no prerequisite intended for usage. Not only can any individual do it, but they are able to do it quickly in addition for the learning curve of using barcodes is extremely steep and brief.

3: Bang for the dollar

If you could get information quickly in addition to accurately, it could exclusively mean a tighter provide chain and well-knit company processes based on these records. With superior information and facts, you can take excellent business decisions that increase shareholder benefit. Imagine what disastrous consequences incorrect info could have on your organization! A vast collection of bar code scanners and barcode code reader usage data has revealed that the investment made in this technology pays back in as short a time as 6 to 10 months ? Way faster in comparison with most modern technologies of which attempt to improve the approach we take to conduct our enterprise. Thus the bar code genre is one the place that the customer truly may get good value for money and high return on investment.

But there is more.

Did you know that Dynamics AX 2012 do have a complete platform for building barcode enabled functionality? Dynamics AX is already using this in several places to give us some idea of how it can be used. A EAN128 barcode label often looks like this.

One of the places where the use has been taken to the extent is in the arrival journal.

Here there is a field for scanning EAN128/UCC128 barcodes. The great thing about EAN128, is that is the barcode can contain multiple information. So in the example, I have included pallet/SSCC and itemId, and when is it scanned, the system will automatically fill in the fields for me :

To give you an insight, I have created the following job-code that shows how to use the barcode classes:

This will generate the following infolog:

In my example above in the item arrival journal, I just took the Barcode HR, then removed the (), and pasted it into the arrival journal, and then the decoding happened, and the fields where automatically filled in.

Out of the box, Dynamics AX can decode the following application identifiers of EAN128:
(00) SSCC – PalletID. The item arrival journal will also create the pallet ID in DAX
(01)+(02) EAN – Itembarcode, that will then identify itemid + product dimensions
(10) Batch
(21) Serial number
(30) Quantity

But do not despair if you feel something is missing. Microsoft has made it easy for us to extend the number of application identifiers, that we can fetch out of a EAN128 barcode. Take a look at \class\BarcodeEAN128 .classDeclaration(): for other EAN128 application identifiers see

For more information about the barcode foundation in AX 2012, take a look at

I also want to add that the To-Increase WM&D solution are using this technology several places, and I know that the functionality will be extended as the solution goes forward. The WM&D solution uses integration to BarTender to produce the labels, but Dynamics AX do have capability to print barcodes.

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