A few times every year I suddenly discover solutions and ideas that completely surprises me. Today was one of these days. We have all heard about sure step and rapid start, and they are great tools. Now To-Increase has created an integrated business process tool that allows you to model your business processes right from Dynamics AX. When I often see tools like this, I often feel that it is a framework, and you need to build all yourself. But the To-Increase Rapid Value is actually filled with contents, and real and proven business processes. Here are some screen shots from the application.

One of the best part is the smooth integration to VISO and other Microsoft Office applications. Pick you processes from Dynamics AX 2012, and use them in the Visio to show the flow of your business processes.

It’s also works with Sure step and Rapid Start Microsoft, and is a valuable addition to this. I look forward to working with customers on this tool, and I’m quite sure that this will bring rapid value to our customers. By last comment is “bye, bye whiteboard, and long process definition meetings

If you want to take a closer look at it, browse into the To-Increase site here: