Production Control module Tricks and Tips

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Production order functionality ticks and tips

The production control module in Dynamics AX is not one of the easiest. I will describe a few of the most frequently heard issues and their resolution.

1.The Production parameters in the "Automatic update" section and the user defaults

The parameters in the Automatic update tab for “Automatic execution” and “Auto-report as finished” seem to control the “Start” and the “Report as Finished” behavior of the production order. They are the familiar "Automatic route consumption" and "Automatic BOM consumption". I remember thinking they were supposed to be the defaults of my Start and Report asFinished screen but this is not the case.  These parameters are only used when the user skips the Start or the Report as Finished transaction. This is not very common in the manufacturing businesses that I know. So these parameters are rarely used. Typically a Production order is manually started. The Lean functionality in DAX 2009 did use he parameters in “Automatic execution” because a Manufacturing Kanban skips the “start” transaction, by design, and goes directly to the Report as Finished transaction. One had to set the parameters for "Automatic execution" because they were critical.  But in DAX 2012 the Lean functionality is completely independent of the Production functionality so these parameters have little meaning in DAX 2012 for most manufacturing companies. It does show the flexibility of the Production Control module that one can create a Production order and do the Report as Finished transaction immediately, skipping all other statuses, or even end it immediately. So the only way to see the parameters for "Auto-report as Finished" in action is to skip the Report as Finished transaction and go directly to ending the production order. I yet have to meet a business that needs that or where accounting would even allow this!

The two parameters for the behavior of the Start and Report as Finished transactions is completely controlled by the user defaults. These user defaults will become part of the usage data. (Tools/Options/Usage data/All usage data.. find the records with record type "usersetup")

Experience has shown that the loss of user defaults for the production order DAX users is always possible.  If the user clicked “usage data reset” to solve a problem, the defaults are gone.

I remember many cases of customers who suddenly were back-flushing material when starting the production order. Upon checking one finds out their user defaults had disappeared and replaced by something else.

 It is recommended to always check the General tab before hitting OK, to make sure the settings are correct.  Users have to pay attention to their defaults and if production transactions are delegated to another user during a vacation or absence, we have to be meticulous about their defaults before we let them do anything.

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