Create an MSI to install help server content - used for CfMD as an ISV

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Has anybody found any source how to manage this? Or could help me - i'm completely new to msi.

Any help appreciated.



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  • I've had great results with the WIX toolset.

  • Hi Joris, thnx for the hint. Did you use WIX toolset standalone or in connection with VisualStudio to create installer packeage for HelpServer content?

  • You can setup some XML files, but I've also played with creating some .NET code you can incorporate into the WIX package. Then generate the MSI from there.

    I've not exactly done HelpServer content, but I've successfully had it install models into the model store and deploy some DLLs to AOS/Client etc, so help server would be a piece of cake after that.