Data Migration Framework (Beta 2) - Specifying AX as the Source?

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I posted a similar question yesterday, but I'll make this one simpler.

When creating an AX source type, where do you specify which AX instance or legal entity is the source? Am I missing something glaringly obvious here? All the documentation and blog posts seem to suggest that this version supports 'copy company' features through the use of 'AX as a source'.

As above, I can create an AX source type, but nowhere can I seem to be able to specify which AX instance is the source!



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  • Hey Nick,

    the way you want to use the AX source type is the following:

    - Create processing group with entities using the AX source type

    - Start "Get staging data" in the environment and the legal entity you want to copy from

    - Now you can export the processing with all staging data from the "Processing group" from

    - In the system you want to use your previous exported data you have to import it via "System administration > Data export / import > Import"

    - To copy the staging data to target you have to start "Copy to target" in the environment and the legal entity you want to copy to



  • Hi Paul,

    Hope you're well. Can you believe it was over a year ago we were in Amsterdam! Time flies....

    Anyway, what you've said makes sense. Thank you.

    I didn't realise it was a manual process of exporting/importing flat files to company data between AX entities, I was expecting more automation in the copy process.

    Some things to note:

    - I cannot execute the 'Get Staging Data' step. I am presented with a 'Query Does not contain 1 data source' error. I think this is because I am using 'Table' entity types as my entity targets within the processing group.

    - Because of the above issue, I have to manually update the 'Staging Status' from 'Didn't run' to 'Ready' during the get staging data step. This is the only way I am able to view the staging data from the execution history.

    - 'Copy to Target' is always disabled for me.

    That said, I was successfully able to export/import a .dat file using the method you suggested.

    Many thanks,


  • Hey Nick,

    yes I can´t believe time flies that fast, too. Hopefully there will be another AXEA-Event in Amsterdam or maybe London where we can meet again.

    We had not used the "direct table" option of DMF, but maybe you don´t have to do the 'Get Staging Data' step and directly export the dat-file?



  • I think you're right Paul. Kind of obvious when you think about it!

    For what we need it for, I think I was expecting more functionality than what is already available with the standard 'definition groups'.

    Thanks for your help. Let me know if you're ever in London.