Dynamics "Triggers" or Some Equivalent

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I am totally new to Dynamics AX development, though I have a lot of programming and database experience. In AX I have already created some file imports with a custom class and temporary table and have done basic form modifications for our current environment so I am becoming more familiar with the development environment. However...

I now need to add some functionality to our Dynamics AX environment that basically emails information to a particular client automatically whenever a specific address has been shipped to. Is there someone who can give me the "bird's-eye" view of how I would go about creating such a "trigger" or whatever else it might be termed?


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  • Dynamics AX has standard functionality for email alerts. You can right-click anywhere on a form and setup an alert. Based on settings, it will email or create popups when a user is logged into AX, or both.

    In your case, you could set a trigger on the sales packing slip so that when a new record is inserted into that table, an email trigger goes out.

  • I see the alerts and how to set them up (thanks). I don't think our test server will send e-mails, though, so I  might have to test it elsewhere. Is it possible to create an attachment to the e-mail (which the client wants).

  • The alerts are pretty thin. You'd have to customize the alerts framework to add additional info or attachments.