Dynamics AX through SMS?

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Hi all,

Is it possiable to send SMS or any attachment to mobile phone through AX2012. If yes, please give suggestions(Documents or any links) to get it. 

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  • Hi Satya,

    U can consume web service provided by the service provider.

    Web service will look like the below:


    Consuming web service in AX 2012:


    Mukesh Hirwani


  • yes we can send SMS to mobile phones through AX 2012, for that we need url from service provider.

  • Thanks for your replies. Is any Documents to achieve this. If you Know please share it.

  • Hi Satya,

    U can refer to the links i attached above. And can also look for How to Consume web services in AX. But first u need a WSDL URI from ur service provider thru which u can trigger sms. Once u get same, it's way simple.

    - Create project in VS, address service reference, enter WSDL provided by service provider.

    - Create a new method which calls service method (Eg. sendSMS) and pass parameters like message text, country code, mobile number, etc.

    Once u able to test the same. U can save project to AOT, Saying Deploy To Server & Client. Goto Build menu and say Deploy. Now come to AX and call same method written in .net Project

    namespace.class.method(parm, parm,  parm)

    Mukesh Hirwani


  • Hai Mukesh Hirwani,

    can u send me the complete process of the same..

    how to send sms from ax in 2012 ?