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Ethan Ong asked a question on 8 Mar 2013 4:05 AM

Disappointment for the above!

I mapped my employee/worker as Vendor to better track the employee expenses. Also, I would have to ensure these reimbursement can be net off against any cash advance to the same employee if any.

Hence, the mapping with Vendor Account created and linked to Expense Management in Human Resource. In addition I create my Staff Advance using Ledger account for Cash Advance. Subsequently I mapped my Reimbursement expenses (Payment Method) as Worker.

The testing give me a disappointing cash advance where Debit: Staff Advance (Ledger Type) | Credit: Vendor (Staff). Instead it should be Debit Vendor | Credit Bank

Conversely, the posting transactions for ExpenseReports was satisfactory.

Can anyone advice?

Bilal Zaka responded on 10 Mar 2013 5:56 AM


I think you have not properly configured your payment method. In your payment method please make sure that you have selected the Bank as offset account type. Also, in case of cash advance, the ledger which gets debited is actually the accounts receivable and the credit is cash or bank. This is how the cash advance posting works in AX.

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Ethan Ong responded on 11 Mar 2013 4:56 AM


I need to know the configuration for Cash Advance,

At this moment I set my employee as Vendor in the Expense Management, whereas the Cash Advance in the Travel and Expense Setup,  I had configured as Ledger Staff Advance.

When posted, the results end up Debit Staff Advance and Credit my Employee.

Raul Cardin responded on 15 Mar 2013 3:50 PM

HI, We are also having problems with the acoounting logic and the journals that generates the system, for example in the first movement.

Cash Advance:  The first thing we did was to assign a vendor account to the employee, After that i request a cash advance in the enterprise portal, once authorizde the application the system sends the request to the module of travel and expense, so i select the cash advance y pay it, but the system generates a journal that affect on the Credit the account of the employee/vendor and Debit to the bridge account that we have to create as "Cash Advance", so we had to make a manual journal that affect the Debit (Employee/Vendor) and Credito to the Bank, whit this movement we acctually pay to the employee, But there some issues, first of all someone would have to make this journal manually and what happend if the employee dont make the expense report, how can you identify that the employee owns the cash in advance. ¿?

Return of Cash Advance in the Expense Report:  If we make the expense report and registred a return of the cash advance, the system generates voucher that affect in the debit Vendor and credit my bribge account "Cash advance", so we had to make another manual journal, that affects the credit of the vendor and the debit my account Bank. But also this have to be manually and there is no way to track this kinds of journals whit the expense report, Is there any other option that simplify this steps ¿?

Expense Repor: Whe i report an expense for example "Hotel" that all ready configurate as Expense Category whit the account of "Expense1", if i registrate that my "Payment Metod" was "Cash", The system generates the journal That affects the debit of Cash and the credit of "Expense1", so i think this account works also as a bridge.

Finally to gets the bridges account to zero, i had to registred another manual journal that affecting with the same amount of the expenses reported, This journal affects in the Debit "Cash" and credit "Cash Advance", whit this steps the account Bank gets the amount in credit and "Expense1"  in the debit.


                                                                                                      D               /           C

1.-  Request Cash Advance    "System"  $200                     (Cash Advance / Vendor)

2.- Pay of the Cash Advance     "Manual" $200                           (Vendor / Bank)

3.-Return Cash Advance      "System"         $50                       (Vendor /  Cash Advance)

4.-Expense Report                    "System"    $150                       (Expense1 / Cash)

5.-Pay the Return to Bank        "Manual"       $50                             (Bank/Vendor)

6.-Liquidation Bridge Account "Manual"   $150                            (Cash/Cash Advance)

Can you help me if im doing well ?.

Ethan Ong responded on 15 Mar 2013 5:29 PM

Hi Raul,

Your concept works, but it induces more labor tasks rather than having it automated. I was made to believe having the functions to map my workers to vendor and configuring my cash advance ledger to a designated account would able to assist in delivering immediate posting once the cash had been physically disbursed and vice versa.

I believe the similar functions that Microsoft had created was the Prepayment whereby once the payment journal has been indicated as prepayment, the entries should had been reversed and captured immediately as Debit Vendor/Worker | Credit Bank (during Cash Advance) and Reversed to Matched against expenses and remaining returned to bank.

Hence, need to look for the trigger point for  the same "Prepayment" Mechanism (if any).

As for normal expense report I would to assume this as Normal Business (in Malaysia) practise where employees carried out claims ONE month before actual disbursements. Hence, I had actually configured the Payment Method as Cash, but belongs to Company's expenses and associated with specific company's bank account. In this case is no longer Accrual Accounting but Cash Accounting.

Open to more suggestions.