How to report on Change Dates of code classes.

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When you scroll through the X++ Classes in AX, there is a window on the right side of the screen that shows last change date.  Is there any way to report or perform a SQL query on that date?  Where is that date stored (table or metadata within the class)?

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  • look at the table UtilElements

    it is in the aot system documentation. click right mouse and table brouwse

  • Thanks for your suggestion, but this appears to show create/change information about Tables rather than Classes.

  • look better, there is record type with

    class,  class instance method, cass static method

    it is all there, it is the whole AOT

  • Thanks, I was looking in the wrong place at first.  This should allow me to audit changes reliably.

  • Also a word of warning though, I wouldn't trust those dates and user IDs of last changed if my life depended on it. Once you get your reporting going I'm positive you will agree.