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Freya Tan asked a question on 10 Apr 2013 7:40 PM


I have a batch job that will import a file. The import file is saved in a different server (not where the AOS resides). The batch job runs if I just use a directory where the AOS is installed. Also, if I run the class manually (not as batch job) and I use a network directory, I can import the file successfully. 

Any ideas?


Bilal Issa responded on 11 Apr 2013 12:45 AM


can you please write the error you are getting?



Freya Tan responded on 11 Apr 2013 1:43 AM

I don't get any error. The batch job succeeds. But the problem, it never execute the file in the directory.

Dominic Lee responded on 11 Apr 2013 1:51 AM

Check the network folder access right, Make sure AOS service account can access the network folder.

Then try again with the network folder setup.

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Bilal Issa responded on 11 Apr 2013 1:57 AM


can you please let me know the code you are using?  are you using WinAPISerevr, or something else?



Freya Tan responded on 11 Apr 2013 2:06 AM

I'm using System.IO not WinAPIServer.

Bilal Issa responded on 11 Apr 2013 2:18 AM

so are using the following code?

      filepermission = new FileIOPermission(fileName, 'R');

       interopPermission = new InteropPermission(InteropKind::ClrInterop);

       permissionSet = new Set(Types::Class);






Freya Tan responded on 11 Apr 2013 2:53 PM

I'm getting the file list from the directory first. My method looks like:

// loop all files that fit the required format

   InteropPermission   interopPerm;

   System.Array        files;

   int                 i;

   container           fileList;


   interopPerm = new InteropPermission(InteropKind::ClrInterop);


   files = System.IO.Directory::GetFiles(@_sourceDirectory, #FileExtension);

   for( i=0; i<ClrInterop::getAnyTypeForObject(files.get_Length()); i++ )


       fileList = conins(fileList, conlen(fileList)+1, ClrInterop::getAnyTypeForObject(files.GetValue(i)));


   return fileList;

Then I loop on the container to process each file. I open the file and assign it to a CommaIo. My code looks like:

boolean openFile(Filename   _fileName)


   boolean     ret = true;


   csvFile = null;

   csvFile = new CommaIo(_fileName, #io_read);



       //Error when opening file

       ret = checkFailed("@SYS69639");


   return ret;


Bilal Issa responded on 14 Apr 2013 4:56 AM

please try to use the follwoing code to get the files list.

   System.IO.DirectoryInfo     directory;

   System.IO.FileInfo[]        files;

   System.IO.FileInfo          file;

   InteropPermission           permission;

   str         fileName;

   counter     filesCount;

   counter     loop;

   container   mathchingFiles;


   permission  = new InteropPermission(InteropKind::ClrInterop);


   directory   = new System.IO.DirectoryInfo(_folderPath);

   files       = directory.GetFiles(_filePattern);

   filesCount  = files.get_Length();

   for (loop = 0; loop < filesCount; loop++)


       file            = files.GetValue(loop);

       fileName        = file.get_FullName();

       mathchingFiles  +=  fileName ;



   return mathchingFiles;