Problems to deploy EPortal 2012 on sharepoint foundation 2010 sp1

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After deploy EPortal , I can access to EP but we cant see any other module(Sales,Vendor.. etc) than default

 My scenario

1 SQL Server

1 Server (Sharepoint foundation 2010 sp1 and EP 2012)

1 Server (Ax 2012 r2)


any ideas?



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  • Have you prepared the user profiles and defined a Default Role center?

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • Im Using  Contoso Demo Data for AX 2012 R2 and

    t when create the web application in sharepoint with this configuration

    claim base authentication, i got the problem..

    when  i create de Web app with clasic mode, everything works fine

  • Use classic unless you plan to test authentication using claims based auth, like LiveID.

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • that´s what  i need to test. the access with Live ID :(

  • Well, then it is most likely not authenticating the user properly. Normally, if a user with access to the SharePoint site, but without access to AX, opens Enterprise Portal, you will not see any of the modules (Sales, Vendor, etc).

    I suspect you are being successfully authenticated to the SharePoint site, but not against AX.

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • do yo know where can i found information about de integration of EP with live ID.?

    ! succesfully add the trust provider  in Sharepoint  for live ID

    but cant find what it next for the integration with EP


  • You probably have to add the business connector user to the user-list of AX. As mentioned before if you see an "empty" role center, the user does not have enough permissions in AX or no permissions.