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Does anybody know AX 2012 offers national accounts for customers?  Can customer and vendors be linked together?  

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  • Hi,

    Yes , you can link both vendor and customer to same global address book record.



  • Also, through the "Invoicing Account" functionality, AX allows you to raise a sales order to a "regional" customer, but to invoice the "national" account.

    If you provided more details of what functionality you are looking for, it will be easier to give you more specific answers.

    Zvika Rimalt * Dynamics AX Business Analyst/Functional Consultant * Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • Yes. You can have different invoicing and order accounts both on purchase and sales orders.

  • Thanks for the reply.  What I am looking for is how I can set up the relationship between parental customer and its children customers.  For example, Company A has three subsidiary companies C, D and E.  All three companies operates independently but A sometimes pay the bills for D, D and E.  Statement for A should include activities for C, D and E.  How can it be set up?