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I seem to be facing an issue on Foreign Currency Revaluation especially on the fields "Foreign Currency revaluation" and "Monetary" set on Main account 123018.

01/01/2013 Curr: MOP has been set to 2.00 against GBP

05/01/2013 Posted a GJ on a Main Account 123108 for 100 MOP (ie. 50 GBP)

Entered the following exchange rates for MOP

05/01/2013 3.00

01/02/2013 5.00

When I run Foreign Currency Revaluation process for dates 01/01/2013 - 01/02/2013 for the Main Account: 123103, regardless the Monetary field is set or not, the exchange rate of 01/02/2013 is taken into account and gain/loss of -30 is posted.

I am struggling to find the functionality behind the Monetary field set on the Main Account.

Any help will be appreciated.

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  • From the documentation:

    Select this check box if the account is a monetary account. Monetary accounts are revalued by using the exchange rate of the date that is entered in the To Date field in the Foreign currency revaluation form.

    If the check box is cleared, the balance in the account is revalued by using the exchange rate as of the transaction date.

    This field is available only for accounts that have a main account type of Balance sheet, Asset, Liability, or Equity, and that have the Foreign currency revaluation check box selected.


    Your bank account in foreign currency is a monetary account. You want to know the value in your own currency as of the To date for the complete balance.

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  • How about the main accounts for accounts receivable and accounts payable? Do you need to select monetary and revaluation for these main accounts as well? Or do you need to un-select them because you need to revaluate them in the sub administration?