Validate timestate

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I have a table that has Validate TimeState property set to Date.

I want to do a select on all records (not only the current ones) but the query is restricted only to the current records.

Do you have any idea how to avoid this?

Thank you!


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  • Yes, there are query options to "override" the default checking. I blogged about this quite a while ago, you can find the explanation and examples here:

    There is also quite a bit of info on MSDN on the topic.

  • Hi Joris,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I actually wanted to remove all kind of date ranges in my query.

    So select all records no matter if they have a date in a range or not.

    I don't know if it is possible with the validateTimeState being set.


  • you could use datenull() and dateMax() as the values for the from and to date.

  • Setting  validTimestate(dateNull(), dateMax()) in the select statement will create a restriction.

    For example:

    select validTimestate(dateNull(), dateMax())  from Table1

    is equivalent to

    select  Table1

    where  FromDate <= dateNull()  <= dateMax() <= ToDate.