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I followed  the TechNet article on how to 'Import a model store to a temporary schema, and then apply the model store (Windows PowerShell)' .  Which required that I create a blank modelstore.


Since then I cannot find a way to determine the modelstore I created.  


Is there a method to do this?


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  • What exactly are you doing? The linked procedure normally doesn't require any blank model store. You should import the data to the target model store database, you just define a non-default schema (SchemaName parameter in Import-AXModelStore cmdlet or axutil importstore).

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  • I tried as you suggested but it doesn't work without a blank modelstore.   Without first initializing a modelstore I get:

    VERBOSE: The AXUtil command was started in the mode: IMPORTSTORE.


    VERBOSE: Working against model store AXSQLMOR01PRE\AX2012/TCI_CA_AX2012_MACD_model.


    VERBOSE: ERROR: The schema Tempmodelstore does not exists.

     VERBOSE: VERBOSE: ERROR: The pipeline has been stopped.

    So I have to first initialize a new modelstore, which I then use for me temporary schema.


    In any case I found that a new set of tables was created in the _model database using my new schema name instead of dbo.

  • Yes, you have to initialize the schema (Initialize-AXModelStore -SchemaName xyz). There was a terminological problem, because for me it's still just one model store with two schemas (therefore I didn't understand why do you need a new blank model store).

    So what exactly is your question? Do you want to list all schemas used in the given model store database?

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  • Hi there

    I would like to now how to list all schemas in a given model store database.

    I searched quite a lot online but didn't find any axutil command that can do that..

    Please note, that we don't have access to the db server.

    It would be very useful to see all existing schemas as i might not remember the temporary schemas previously created.



  • I don't know any way through AX-specific commands, but you surely can do it through SQL commands. I think you must be a DB owner and a security admin to be able to manipulate model stores, so you should have sufficient permissions to do that.

    You can do it directly from Powershell, if you like: Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query "select name from sys.schemas" -Database ModelstoreDbName -HostName SqlServerName.

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