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axerp asked a question on 6 Jun 2013 2:58 AM

Dear All,

We have serialized items in AX, which means each single serial will have not more then 1 qty. While posting retail sales (statement posting) of serialized items in HQ , AX processes return transaction of an item first instead of its sales transactions. This way AX tends to add qty (return item) against a serial item already having a posting qty and can't have another qty in the same serial number, so AX statement posting returns an error. Therefore, we have to manually process Sales transaction first and later sales return, which resolves the issue for the movement. But this way, we can't automate statement posting and always have to do it manually when processing a mix of sales and return transactions of a particular item.

If AX first process sales of an item and then return, there will be no issue. Can any body guide, if there is any configuration in AX retail module to process/prioritize sales on return transaction for Serialized items. Or any other way?

Thanking in advance.



sajeer responded on 29 Jun 2013 1:52 PM

The below given issue will happen if  sales are processed before return. In your scenario as sales and return are happening on same day this is happening. If system process sales first what will happen in case below

Product X sold with serial Number 1000 on monday

Customer came and Returned the Product  1000 on Tuesday.

Another customer came and buying product X with Serial Number 1000 on Tuesday , statement posting will throw an error this case as well.

I know this is not a solution, but this need a real code change to include this logic. Really a good one.

axerp responded on 30 Jun 2013 6:33 PM

Thanks Sajeer for your kind comment.

You are right, code change shall solve this, for serialized items code logic might be checking on-hand quantity of product if it is a positive(+) number then process the sales first and incase a negative(-) number, first process the return.