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Hello! I received a request recently to remove the ability to delete (via delete button) journal entries (e.g., pick list) once they're posted. Not sure if this requires coding (haven't quite jumped into that mud hole yet) or it can be configured through existing system configurations. As always, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • If you are using AX2012: Create a security policy (XDS) for it. This is based on a query and a security policy. It is done from the AOT but requires no coding. See this link for more information:

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  • Hi!

    What if I'm not using AX2012 but AX2009 and need similar solution?

    User can easily delete posted picking lists (journals). How can I prevent this form happening in AX2009?

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  • Can modify the validateDelete() method on the table to not allow the records to be deleted based off of the status.

    You can also modify the form datasource's "active" method to set the datasource's "allowDelete" property based off of the status.

    I'd recommend doing both so the delete button will be disabled on the form and you'll have a table level safeguard as well.