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I have edited and PurchreqLine and Purchline and added a field in each table. I also updated the class which converts the purchase requisition to purchase Order and successfully mapped my custom fields. 

The problem is that when we create a purchase order using a Purchase policy then the custom field is  not mapped and the purchase order is created without it. Can any one tell me which class I have to update in order to map my custom field when PO is created using the policy.


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  • Do I ask  such weird questions that no one gives any response????

  • Hi Dynamics Developer,

    Your question is not weird, but I think nobody faced this before. You can use the debugger to find out. You can set a breakpoint on the insert method of the PurchLine table. Then perform the tasks. Then you can analyse how the record is inserted and see where you can add your code for the new custom fields.

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  • Hi Andre,

    Thanks for your response. Actually I have tried out inserting breakpoints at many different locations but the control never seems to hit any of them. I am trying to figure out the process using the trace but still no luck with that too.

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  • Hi Andre,

    thanks for your response. I have tried inserting breakpoints at many different locations in the code but the compiler never seems to hit them. Now I am trying to figure out  using trace but still no luck with that either.



  • Hi,

    As the code was running on Server, we had to generate Full CIL to make the changes work.