DMF validation problem

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does anybody knows how to solve this kind of problem please help...

DMF service is unavailable. Please contact the system administrator.-Unable to connect to the remote server.

Data import/export framework service user does not have access to the shared working directory.

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  • Chris, please go to Data import export framework > Setup > Data import export framework parameters. Take a look at the parameter Shared working directory and hit the validate button. My guess is this will not validate because the service account does not have access to the directory (if one is specified). Change that directory to one that's accessible and you should be good to go.


  • thanks but still not working..

    this is my sample working directory : \\srv-axdb\TEST DMF foLder\

  • Hi Chris,

    Your problem looks like a not completely installed tool or not the correct permissions.

    Take a careful look at the next page:

    Was the installation done on each machine correctly with appropriate permissions? The AX AOS user should have access to the working directory as well.

    kind regards,

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