Workflow error in AX 2012

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Hello All,

I created a workflow l but keep getting an error message in my wokrflow history.

Stopped (error): X++ Exception: Work item could not be created. Insufficient rights for user john.

at SysWorkflowWorkItem-create




That workflow is only working if the user john has "System Admin" rights.

What permission is missing here?  I would appreciate any help.

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  • You need to give privileges related to that workflow..what workflow are you trying to run here?

  • We assign the user all security roles except system admin and it still does not work.

    The workflow is accounts payable workflow for vendor invoice.  Thank you!

  • Add the above two highlighted privileges to the role and it should work. Good Luck!

  • Kaushik, thanks for your suggestion. I tried and it failed again. Here is what I did.

    I recreate user permission:

    Add AX pre-defined roles: Buying agent, Purchasing agent/manager, employee, system user

    Add a new role which have the following privileges(the first two are what you suggested)


    Again, thanks for your help.

  • Hi,

    In stead of the privilege 'Approve vendor invoice task' you need to add the duty VendInvoiceVendorInvoiceApprove ("Approve vendor invoices") within your role.

    Check the license type of the role after adding this duty. The type might have been raised.

    kind regards,

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  • Hi wolfenergy

    Have you solve the issue? i having the same issue with yours. all the roles besie sys admin are not able to approve the vend invoice...i even added suggested privileges and duties also can't solve it...Please help.

  • Any solutions for it?

  • Hi,

    How to provide permissions for the AR Module workflow...! i added the menuitems in AR->setup-> workflow forms but when workflow is submitted for approval then it’s not showing submit button and sometimes yellow ribbon/band is also not appearing and getting an error insufficient permissions for the workitem.

    How to overcome from this issues in workflow...!



  • Any Solution?

  • @Muhammed : If you are facing permission issue then I suggest you to make sure that you have permissions to all objects which is linked with Workflow types and workflow approval.

  • I have resolved this issue by giving the permission on SQL SERVER DB> Properties> permission.

  • Hi zeeshan

    I can tell you some more details about the solution to the problem? Permissions based on data table.

    Maybe if you show me some better pictures.

    Thank you very much!