Individual selection of resources when job scheduling

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Hello everybody!

I would like to know if it is possible, and where-how to work this situation in AX 2012.

I have a resource group of 5 resources, a production order was scheduled to be finished by the 5 resources, but when I'm about to start the order, for whatever reason it is decided that this particular order will be produced using only 3 of the 5 resources.

Therefore I should have those 3 resources occupied longer time, and the other two free of capacity if nothing else is assigned to them.

What should I do to reflect this in AX?

Many thanks!


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  • Hi Hector,

    The scenario above is possible in AX. You should work with job scheduling. And you should consult capacity reserve to view as AX has scheduled resources.


    Murilo Oliveira

  • Thanks again Murilo, yes I'm working with job scheduling, but AX is scheduling the total quantity of the order using the 5 resources, which is fine for me as the first approach.

    But I want to let two of them absolutely free and do the scheduling in just the other 3 resources at the moment the production order is going to start.

    What should be done to achieve this? I try with manufacturing execution system, I thought I moved on job from one resource to other with the Edit Job List form, but when going back to the production order, and saw the gantt, the 5 resources were still there fully occupied.

  • On the route record, there should be a value for resource quantity you can edit. It's probably showing 5, change to 3, then redo operations and job scheduling.