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Hi All ,

we have a client which need to implement the AX 2012 R2 in  US , Dubai , AUS and India. As you all know that taxation will be different for each country and that to in india taxation is totally different and complicated when it comes to other countries implementation.

What is the best suggestion regarding the databases ?

Can i have the one database for the above countries implementation ?

If yes , how the different taxation will maintain as each per country in one database ?

or Do i need to create the seperate databases for each country ?

Please share your thoughts ?

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  • Ax supports having multiple entities/companies in one AX implementation. All these companies will be stored in one database. Each company will have it's own set of master data (Customer, Vendors, Main accounts, etc). Tax will be handled independently in each company.

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  • Yes, it fully support that, you can setup each country as different legal entity ... the taxation will be applied to that country specific transactions... and can consolidate later.

  • Thanks DOLEE and Mohammed .

    I am not clear about your explanation .

    My client has  organizations are in different countries/regions and require different local tax options. Both of you says that  we need to set up the organizations as separate legal entities.

    My question is do i need to create the different coutries legal entities in one database or different databases for each country?

    If it is in one database , how can i enable the country/region-specific taxation and features that are applicable to that legal entities.

    Please share your ideas .

  • You enable it using Country on Legal Entity setup so... country specific localizations get enabled... it will be handled in standard way in one database.. please refer AX implementation guides / user manuals for details & steps.

  • Thanks Mohammed ,

    I have created one data base and created 3 companies in one database .

    US leagal entity , for this i have selected the country code and primary address code as US.

    Indian Leagal entiry , for this i have selected the country code and primary address code as IND.

    Even i have selected the correct countrycode  for both leagal entities , but country specific localizations are not enabled.

    My question is apart from the country code , do i have any other setup to enable the country specific taxation and features ?

    Please guide me .

    Thanks in advance.

  • In the System Administration - Setup - Licensing - License Configuration - Country/Regional Specific Features

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  • 1. Verify that you have installed AX 2012 "R2" version. Indian localization is available in this version only.

    2. When you select appropriate country while creating a company, AX will automatically, hide / show country-specific features based on country selection

    3. When it is said that AX supports a particular localization, it means that AX has capability to support localization through its standard setups or added features. Setup of these features is left to users, however. You will have to do the whole setup yourself.


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