Creating a payment Gateway for AX 2012 R2 Retail Online Store

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Has anybody worked on integrating a third-party payment gateway with AX online store. The client is not in US/Canada and hence cannot use the Dynamics Online payment services. The 3rd party gateway basically works on XML interchange over secure http.

Does MS have a Payment SDK which can be modified to achieve this. Any Ideas will be greatly appreciated.



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  • Hi,

    we've done integration with 3rd party card processor on 2009. Now I'm looking on re-using existing framework in 2012 to do same. Trying to find any documentation for Payment SDK. If you've got any info please can you send it over and I can keep you posted with my findings.



  • No documentation on Payment SDK till Date, hope MS is hearing this. They have uploaded some documentation regarding how to customize a online store on partnersource. Look in Module 6 of the course some interesting points about CRT services. We have something called payment service which currently works with DynamicsOnline payment services. You will need to modify that cs file to handle your third party gateway. The documentation in module 6 though mentions about the shipcarrier service and not the payment one, but you will get some idea. Let me know if you found anything.



  • Hello,

    I'm looking for something very similar wherein I want to  integrate a 3rd party payment gateway without using the dynamics online services. If any docs on the Payment SDK is available, I'd really appreciate it, if that can be shared.