Debugging AifTransformProcessor

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Hi, can someone tell how I can debug the AifTransformProcessor class? My Import Fails there and I would like to find out why



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  • There are several things you may want to debug.

    You can debug AifTransformProcessor class as usual, but it delegates almost all work to other classes. What's wrong most likely is your transformation passed to AifTransformProcessor - the best approach is probably to debug it outside AX, e.g. in Visual Studio. If it's a binary transformation, you can also attach Visual Studio debugger to AX and debug it in that way, if you think it's better.

    If you would like to debug infrastructure classes, such as Microsoft.Dynamics.IntegrationFramework.Transform.TransformInfo, it should be possible too - I see some symbols for Microsoft.Dynamics.IntegrationFramework.dll on Microsoft's symbol server (

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