Receive items that are not on the initial Purchase Order

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In ax, we have Purchase Orders that we are trying to receive; sometimes we receive an item that is not in the initial Purchase Order. How can we handle this?

Is there anyway we are able to receive this item on the initial PO.

we tried to use Purchase Agreement but it doesn't affect the Encumbrance so it is useless for us.

our main concern is the budget. and that is what we are trying to add the new item.

your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  • You can allways add new item if you go back to the initial purchase order and add new line.

    After that, it depends on your purchase process how you are going further. Maybe you have to confirm again, but after that you can proceed with your usual process.

  • Is the Budget you are referencing the funding Source for a Department? I reccon you are a Public sector Company. :)

    The purchase order can always be altered at any time to contain new items. The issue with Dynamics AX 2012 is that the purchase order has to be confirmed if it is changed before it can be received. So the user doing the receipt must also have the Security permissions to do updates and confirm purchase orders lines. You don't need them to be able to create new purchase orders though (header Level).

    I don't see the security amendments to be an issue, because the invoice still has to be confirmed before the PO is payed.

  • Yes indeed Fredrik, we are a Non profit organization, and the Budget is indeed the funding srouce for a department.  

    Basically The funds available are defined at the account level,but when we are working at the contract(or in our case PO) level we don't want to exceed the total amount of that document.

  • If a user doesn't have permission to approve a purchase order this will be enough to maintain the security and routines. A user can not receive anything that isn't already approved. If the receiving user tries to change it the purchase order will not accept receipts before it is approved again by an authorized user.