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I have an exported Model Store from AX2012 R2 CU6 that would now like to import just the Var Model into AX2012 R2 CU7.  What steps do I take to do this?

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  • You can use "Install-AXmodel" to install the exported axmodel:

    Notice that the default behavior is model will be installed in the same application layer it was exported from.

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • Hi,

    The model store contains all elements for all layers and models with the installation specific ID's. It is not possible to import just the VAR model from this model store.

    Is is possible to export the VAR model (not the complete store) and import this in a CU7 installation. If you want to keep the installation specific ID's you need to upgrade the CU6 VAR installation.

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  • Andre's answer is correct. I misread the question. :-)

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • I was afraid of that.  I should start by saying that this is a test upgrade.  I exported the model store thinking I could restore it after creating a new database, and avoid 6 hours of compiling. I tried, but the import of the store wouldn't get past the ID conflict prompt. Then I discovered cu7! 30 minute compiles! I reinstalled all components and am to the pont of creating the var model. I also created an xpo of the var layer, so that I could fall back to the familiar, but I wanted to get familiar with using the models.  can I restore a full model store to a fresh cu6 installation?

  • You should really read through the upgrade guide carefully, escpecially the code upgrade part, to familiarize yourself with the steps when upgrading layers by layers AND making sure your Element IDs and Element Handles remains unchanged. You do not want loss of data.

    Also feel free to read my blogpost about element IDs and element Handles - hopefully it gives some additional insight.

    A code upgrade done right is not something to be taken lightly. :-)

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |