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How can I get the name of a look up form in dynmiacs ax 2009 since I need to do some modification on it ? I tried to use field name and extended data type but I find " form  help" field empty.

Please, advise?

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  • If I understand what you are looking for, here is an example for the address book lookup on the customer master. You will need to find the field's jumpRef override in the form in the AOT and determine if its an AX form (display menu item) or an X++ lookup.

    1. Right click on the field and select Personalize

    2. Note where the field is on the object form in the Layout screen

    3. Click on 'Information' tab and click 'Edit' next to the Form name field

    4. Navigate out to the field on the Form object in the AOT.

    5. Click into the jumpRef override method on the field.

    6. if the lookup is a menuItemDisplayStr, you can go to the display menu item in the AOT and see the lookup form in the 'Object' property. If its X++, the lookup is created right there in the field override (or another method referenced in that code).

    There are a few others ways but the above two are pretty common.

    Justin Carter (DAX Dude)

  • Hi Maram,

    In addition to Dax Dude's answer: It is also possible that there is no form created. It will then dynamically build a lookup form based on the fields which are present in a fieldgroup 'AutoLookup' on the table.

    kind regards,

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  • Thank you ALL for your answers.

    Dear  DaxDude,

    would you please explain to me where I can find the object property ?