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I'm facing one issue in x++ report.

I want to repeat my default lines of my programmable section reprt in a vertical or parallel order.

eg: we have one price comparison report i.e RFQ Comparison. In this report vendor name and its details are coming line by line. I want to appear vendor name and its details in a parallel order. Like below diagram:

      Vendor 1                                        Vendor  2                                                 Vendor   3

Vendcode   VendPrice          Vendcode    VendPrice                            Vendcode      VendPrice

001                150                     002                180                                       003                 155


How can i acheive the above diagram using programmable section of my report because using programmable section repeating the vendor information in horizontal order. Like below diagram:

1. 001   150

2. 002   180

3. 003   155



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  • you have to use the matrix with  precision design in SSRS report

  • Can't I achieve this in X++.

    I required this report in x++.


  • for this you need to add controls dynamically to the executable programmable section and create section as per your report data

    this is the way you create dynamic controls

    reportSection =;

       textControl= reportSection.addTextControl("Hello World");

       textControl.fontSize(20); //do something with your UserControl

    Please verify if this helps to you, I feel this is achievable.

    Please update with your feedback.

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    Regards, NITESH RANAJN (PMP) | Dynamics AX Consultant