Export SSRS report built using SQL reporting tool

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I need to build a SSRS report  base on a customized SQL Query  using reporting tool available in SQL then export it under AX environment, is there a tool supports this ?

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  • use the visual studio integration tools, those are part of the ax installation software

  • Would you please provide me with more details about this tool and how this can be performed after building the report using SQL report  builder

  • Please ignore my first awnser, incase you dit it with SQL report  builder ,


    the SQL report builder is part of SQL, AX is not aware of it.

  • That means I cannot build a report using SQL report builder and then access it via AX similar to SSRS report built using visual studio.

  • you can add an url from a menu item in AX

    public static void main(Args args)



       SRSServers                      srsServers;

       SRSReportServerConfiguration    reportServerConfiguration;

       select firstOnly  srsServers where srsServers.IsDefaultReportLibraryServer;

       reportServerConfiguration = SrsFrameworkServiceHelper::createSRSReportServerConfiguration(srsServers);



           websession().redirectURL(reportServerConfiguration.reportManagerURL()+'/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=/'+ reportServerConfiguration.reportFolder() +'/'+#reportName);




           infoLog.urlLookup(reportServerConfiguration.reportManagerURL()+'/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=/'+ reportServerConfiguration.reportFolder() +'/'+#reportName);