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Can I define many EDT with same relation but with different lookup format (the first one is standard directly returns Auto look up fields from the table , the other one use FormHelp property to return many tabs )  

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  • Hi Maram,

    Have a look at the warehouse lookup on a customer and the lookup for this same field on a order line. Is this like your requirement?

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  • Yes, you can do this.

    There are many ways in which we can have lookup for a field

    1) Auto lookup which utilizes Table relation setup

    2) Override the lookup method on the form datasource field

    3) Override the lookup method on the form control

    4) create a lookup form and update the EDT FormHelp property

    You can use above method to define many different lookup for EDTs

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  • I need to convert the below code segment to a lookup form by Override the lookup method on the control, can you help me how can I convert this to a

    Query ??? note that create course is a customized rule added to project status rule enumeration.

    while select  projTable JOIN projStatusTypeRule WHERE projTable.Type==projStatusTypeRule.ProjType && projTable.Status==projStatusTypeRule.ProjStatus && projStatusTypeRule.ProjStatusRule==ProjStatusRule::CreateCourse


     info (projTable.ProjId);

     info (projTable.Name);


  • Hi

    Here the code :

    public void lookup()


       SysTableLookup          sysTableLookup  = SysTableLookup::newParameters(tableNum(ProjTable), This);

       Query                   query           = new Query();

       QueryBuildDataSource    queryBuildDataSource, Qbds2;

       QueryBuildRange         queryBuildRange;


       queryBuildDataSource    = query.addDataSource(tableNum(ProjTable));

       Qbds2 = queryBuildDataSource.addDataSource(tableNum(projStatusTypeRule));


       Qbds2.addLink(fieldNum(ProjTable, Type), fieldNum(projStatusTypeRule, ProjType));

       Qbds2.addLink(fieldNum(ProjTable, Status), fieldNum(projStatusTypeRule, ProjStatus));

       Qbds2.addRange( fieldNum( projStatusTypeRule, ProjStatusRule)).value(queryValue(ProjStatusRule::CreateCourse));







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