Conversion of anytype in Date format D/M/Y

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Good morning friends, 
I am inexperienced in the world of AX and I have a problem here, I created a Job to import a register of a file. txt, here everything certain, but my date field is with the inverted format, when it is converted of anytype for date: Example: 
Field of the date of the file. txt               after having converted inside of the variable type dates 
22/07/09                                                                  9/7/2022  
Format: D/M/Y                                                  

conversion method:       VarDate = any2date(conpeek(curretLine,#Date)) ;

in the moment that is converted by the function, any2date she acquires the date in the format Y/M/D, (but the date that this in the format D/M/Y in the. txt) and later in my database he assumes the format D/M/Y, creating this this inversion of the position of the value of D with Y.

 I would like to know if a method exists to convert the anytype maintaining the format D/M/Y ???


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  • why don't you try get the date on a string variable then convert it to date

  • Hello Alan, I believe you are looking for something like this

    static void Job1(Args _args)


       str     myDate = "22/07/09";

       date    myConvertedDate;

       myConvertedDate = str2DateDMY(myDate);

       info(date2str(myConvertedDate, -1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1));




  • Guys,

    This post is from the year 2009. I think Alan already knows how to achieve this?

    kind regards,

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