Item Location in Storage dimension

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Dear Axians,

I need suggestion on wmsLocation in storage dimension of item.

We have active Site and Warehouse in Store dimension, and in confusion for activating Location (wmsLocation) for items.

Which will be better choice activating location or leaving in blank?

Any suggestions and experiences are welcome.

Whats diffrence between activating or making it mandatory for Location?




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  • Well I always activate Location, because you can simply create one location per warehouse and then make that the default issue and default receipt location for that warehouse. The user won't ever have to enter the location, the system will always default it for them. Then later on, if you decide you want to implement location control you simply have to create the Bin locations the warehouses where you want location control and set the default receipt and issue location on the warehouse to blank. In summary: it's easy to move from location control with one location per warehouse to many locations; but it's much more difficult to implement location control if the location dimension isn't active, because that will mean you need to change the Storage dimension group on all the items to be tracked.

    You can't make Location mandatory - the Mandatory flag only applies to warehouse (and site).

  • If your Storage warehouse is very big and it is required to know where inside the warehouse items are located then it is good and helpful to activate location so that warehouse management system can maintain and help with related storage information. or otherwise lot of manual effort will be required in warehouse management

    If you set the location storage dimension as mandatory then in each document and transaction where Storage dimension is specified then location has to be entered otherwise transaction will not save


    normally while entering transaction in business scenario Locations should not be kept as mandatory because,

    while creating Sales Order or purchase Order at initial stage that is at 'open order' status, you will not know where  stock is kept or where you will keep them once they arrive.

    This information normally you will come to know when you start picking items for dispatch or when items arrive at your in-bound dock..

    may be in some scenario, like when you have business in which you have Transfer Journal to be created and posted, then in that case you may have mandatory Location setup.

    Please verify and appreciated if you please updated your with more details about your scenario.

    Please update with your feedback.

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    Regards, NITESH RANAJN (PMP) | Dynamics AX Consultant