Reset personalized role centers to default

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Is there a way to reset a customized role center back to the default? 

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  • Click on the Microsoft Dynamics AX drop down menu button -

    Tool > Options > Usage data > Reset.

    This should reset the users back to default.


  • Hi,

    the reset of the usage data is not resetting the user custimized role center !

  • Yes,

    1. Go to Basic -> Role Center -> Initialize Role Center profiles  

    2. Select the role centers you want reset

    3. Click OK

    This will reset the role centers selected back to their default settings.

    You can also tweak the default role center ques and quick links through

    Basic -> Role Center -> Edit Cues and Basic -> Role Center-> Quick Links

    Any personalization to role centers is stored in the table SysPersonalization

  • Chris, did SeanGalliher recommendation work?  I was having same problem and the steps outlined below did not work for me? Any ideas?

    Gina Pabalan  |  Director, Customer Management  |

  • Gina,

    Try the following:

    Go to the homepage in EP, and click your user and select Reset Page Content. This will reset all personalized settings of this homepage.

  • Thanks Sean, but this is not working either...

    Gina Pabalan  |  Director, Customer Management  |

  • Resetting from the Portal worked like a charm. Thanks Sean.

  • Has anyone looked at how to do this in 2012?

  • "Just" deploy the Element 'Home' in the AOT under Web>WebModules!