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I have Ax 2009 SP1 and Rollup7 installed. I wanted to create a project containing all USR layer elements and my project was created empty. In AOT exist elements in USR layer, I'm sure :-). I created a new project with elements from other layer and that project was empty, too.

On other machine, where I have AX 2009 SP1 Rollup6 installed everything is ok. There is a bag in Rollup7? Why my AX 2009 cannot find elements in a proper layer?


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  • Hi,


    I don't know if it is a bug, I have not AX2009 with Rollup 7, but you can try to use a job like this:


    static void createProject(Args _args)


        sysprojectfilterrunbase upgradeproject;

        utilelements            theelements;


        upgradeproject = new sysprojectfilterrunbase();




        while select name, utilLevel, RecordType, ParentId from theelements

        where theelements.utilLevel == UtilEntryLevel::usr







            catch (exception::Error)


                throw error('error');






  • Hi,

    i also have currently no access to an AX 2009 Rollup7 System to verfiy this, but normally this should work when you:

    1. Create a new project (dosn't matter in which layer)

    2. Use the filter function for projects to add all the elements in i.e. the USR layer to the project.

    How did you create the project and add the elemets to this project? Are you using another way doing this?

  • Hi,

    job createProject posted by Liviu Stoica is ok. Project including USR layer elements was created. But when I try to create project "normally" this project is empty. I create a new project, use the filter and type utillevel USR and click ok. Project is empty :-(

  • Yes, it's a bug in Ax 2009 and Ax Retail with RollUp7.

    I'm not sure if Microsoft is aware of this.

  • Hello,

    This is a known issue with Dynamics AX 2009 with RU7 installed.  The fix was released in KB 2547903 (kernel build number 5.0.1500.5016).  Any kernel fix that has that version (or greater) should have the fix in the code.

    To get this fix, you will need to check to see if it has been released to the web.  If not, please contact your local Microsoft Dynamics AX support agency and request the download information for that hotfix release.


    Bill 'Luther' Thompson

    Microsoft Online Support Engineer - MBS Dynamics AX Developer Support


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