By pass Credit card authorization on AX for Retail POS 2012

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Dear All,

Anybody has created/modify EFT.dll on AX retail POS 2012, that by passing the credit card online authorization, instead it only capture the card type, card number in to the database, and skip the online authorization.


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  • Finally we made it.

  • Kindly let me know how did you done that and where you have changed the code.

  • you have to custom eft.cs from the retail pos plug ins. create a form to capture card no, card type, etc. and set the authorization to true

  • if u set the Authorization to true then also it will by pass that functionality.

  • Hi Victor,

    I want to know how you have accomplished this? According to me the standard EFT.dll is working properly but as soon as i build the EFT.dll in the VISUAL STUDIO and put it in the  SERVICES Folder, it starts throwing an error.

    Kindly, let me know as soon as possible. I am waiting for your reply.

    If anyone has work around or better solution for it, then please suggest me.



  • Done. Thanks All for the help.

  • Can anyone help me on the below thread ?

  • Haiii..

    I have problem when try customize some of services library for AX retail, when i deploy dll into POS services folder and start the aplication it always showing error message "could not load all external service modules" and POS could not start.

    Can you please help me about this problem?


  • these because you did not sign the dll

  • this is offline authorisation, this modification would need PCI compliance and local legal requirements, yes it can be done though