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Hi all,

The situation is as follow:  For free text invoices with total amount > 15000, a workflow should be activated. So i add a condition like you see in the attachement 7331.workflow.pdf.

 But even when i create an free texti invoice with total amount 3000 (< 15000) the workflow is triggered. But this should not may happen!

Can someone help me?

Thanks a lot!

Frederik Vanhaelst

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  • Hi

    I was having the same issue with the vendor invoice workflow and I could not solve it. This is what technet has to say.:

    "You can create multiple workflows that are based on the same type. For example, you can create a purchase requisition workflow for each country or region in which you operate, such as Purchase Requisitions Denmark and Purchase Requisitions Spain.

    When you have multiple workflows that are based on the same type, you must specify when each workflow is used. Continuing with the example, you would specify the following conditions:

    Purchase Requisitions Denmark is used when: country/region = DK

    Purchase Requisitions Spain is used when: country/region = ES

    Follow these steps to specify when the workflow that you are configuring is used.

    On the left pane, click Activation.

    Select the Set the conditions for running this workflow check box...... ""

    And so on

    Based on this, I would say that you have to set up alternative workflows, otherwise it would not work. This is of course only my assumption. I gave up trying.

    If you have to skip an approval under a certain limit, I suggest you to use the "condition" on the approval step - this auto-completes the approval if the entry criteria is not met.



  • I believe that David is on the right track. You need to design your workflow so that it auto-approves if the condition is not met, rather than having it not be triggered at all. You've already told the system that you are using workflow, so it is too late to "undo" that fact.

  • I have been struggling with this issue as well. Microsoft is saying that that the activation condition is not controlling whether a workflow should be triggered or not. It is to determine which workflow to use when multiple workflows of the same type are used.  As others have suggested, you can create an auto approve condition. But in my opinion, this is a bad design as you have to submit every single record to the workflow and there there is no way to mass submit. Additionally the workflow  seems to depend on the form so for example master planning created orders do not trigger the workflow. And even it did, imagine having to manually submit hundreds of purchase orders where only a few should be going tot the approval process. This is a basic requirement  for most companies that AX workflow does not meet.