Any one install AX2012 Component on Windows 7 professional

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Any one install AX2012 Component on Windows 7 professional , is it possible ....?

i have tried to install AX2012 on Windows 7 .. error saying tat logged on with a domain ......

pl help me

thanks in advance



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  • are you account on windows 7 is domain account, AX can not be installed without domain account.

  • I think it won't be possible anyway if you are asking for ALL components (e.g. single computer installation). At least the AOS has to be installed on Windows Server. And I don't think there's a workaround for this. Please correct me if I'm wrong :)

  • // update:

    Just saw that Joris said it is possible to install it on Windows 7 (see

    I'd be interested in the way to do it because the installer doesn't allow you to do so, right?

  • The installer will give you a warning, but you can continue without problems. Just make sure you have a 64-bit windows and plenty of ram (i have 8gb which is sufficient... more is always better of course).

    I run everything... SQL, AOS, client, ssrs, ssas, EP.

    There's no issue getting anything installed... no special hacks or special configuration. Except SharePoint, as outlined in the post Volker linked to above.

  • So, you can't install on Windows 7 HOME since you need a windows 7 machine that is joined to a domain, and use a domain account, not a local account, to install and log on to AX.

  • I did install AX 2012 on windows 7 using domain account but still AOS not starting I tried different accounts to start AOS but still no luck , any one can suggest solution or share with any ideas to solve this issue. I have windows 7 Enterprise with SQL 2008 installed locally.

  • Hi All,

    Install VM 2007 or any VM on your Windows system, then please install Windows 2008 r2 or Windows 2003 r2, the Run> DCPROMO> then take a reboot your guest OS that is Windows 2008 r2 or Windows 2003 r2, then you can install SQL after that you can install any AX 2009 or AX 2012...



    Thank you
  • Work Around:: Get your System joined to some DC. so that you can log on as corp\Administrator ! :)


    Thank you
  • I am done installing AX 2012 on Windows 7 Ent 64 , but I am having issue with AOS wont start , can any one suggest a solution for this

  • Look for error on AOS server and DB server you may find the log which can be checked it may be due to some DBV access issue or some thing missing.. Can you send the screen shot to


    Thank you