Error executing code: <empty class> object does not have method construct

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I am trying to run "Walkthrough: Deploying the Document Service in an Outbound Exchange [AX 2012]" sample given in the following link.


I have followed all the steps and also the steps given in " Walkthrough: Creating a Service by Using the AIF Document Service Wizard.". But when I try to send a document using the "Send Electronically - Original", a message is put onto Queue manager. A moment later I see the message status turning to "Error" with description "Error executing code: <empty class> object does not have method construct"

Can somebody please let me know what's going wrong and how can I correct it?

Thanks in Advance.

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  • Even I'm facing the same issue, could any one help me out... Thanks in Advance

  • Hi ShashiKanth,

    I found the solution for this.

    Please go through this link:



  • Thanks Prasan.

    The link says "First, compile all the objects pertaining to a AIF document service".  What are the all the objects pertaining to AIF document service? I have just started learning Dynamics AX. Please help.

  • Compiled all classes starting with "Axd" and "Ax" in AOT and the followed by step 2 and 3. That solved the problem. Thanks to Prasan and a colleague of mine.