Dynamics AX 2012 Data MIgration Framework Tool Error

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I get the following error when trying to load more than 1 product from source file to staging table using the data migration tool.

"Error occured while doing bulkcopy from temp table to entity table 0 Product records inserted in staging"

It works fine with 1 product but not more. Also it works fine when bringing in customers, vendors, customer addresses etc (bulk records)

The Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.DMF.SSISHelper.dll and Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.DMF.SSISHelper.tlb files are in place in the client and server directories 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Client\Bin and C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\<AosInstance>\bin

I have also increased the Maximim Buffer Size from 24 to 48 under database tuning in AX Server Config utility.

Could anybody please share thoughts on this?





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  • I have had the exact same error and eventually found that it was because there were duplicate (Primary key) records in the source file.

    Once that was resolved, I just imported just under 6000 products which took just under 1hr.

  • Yup, that was exactly my issue too. I hope Microsoft improves the tool to provide more informative error messages in their next release.

  • Error log helps a lot to understand the errors, please see section "How to see error log" in my blog post to check how Error Log helps identifying errors during data import.


    Mansoor Adeel

    Mansoor Adeel

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