Expense Management WP7 App for AX2012 - Setup

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I'm trying to figure out how to setup the Enterprise Portal - Employee Services so that I can use the fancy Dynamics AX app for Windows Phone for Employee Expense Management. 

The phone app has a settings page to enter your settings with the following fields:

  • Username (e.g. domain\username)
  • Password
  • Default Currency
  • Service Connection Name
  • Authentication server URL

The first 3 are pretty obvious, but what am I supposed to be entering for the Service Connection name and Authentication server URL?  And where do I open up EP to allow phone uploads, or is that already there by default (if so, where)? 

I've been looking for information online about how to use this phone app with AX 2012 but I can't find a good 'how-to' anywhere... so any resources would be helpful too. 

YouTube video of what I'm talking about -> http://youtu.be/eE8fOt1V1Jw

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