Is it possible to access EP pages through mobile device in AX 2012

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Hi all,

Can any one letr me know if there is a way to access Dynamics ax 2012 EP pages through mobile device?

If yes ,then how?




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  • EP is basically a normal web site, so just use a web browser in the mobile device. I have no idea what browsers/features are supported, though.
    Sharepoint (EP is based on it) also supports mobile views - I've never seen them to be used with EP, but that's likely the way you should use if you want to access AX through EP (and not a special mobile application communicating with with AX through web services or so).


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  • You can test iPad add via a



  • Did you ever get this to work?  My mobile pages dont link to anything?  How can you get EP to have external facing?  Thanks

  • In your Ax 2012 EP page navigate to Site Actions ---> Site Settings

    There u can find the Mobile Site URL..