How can users search Master Planning action messages (as well as Futures messages and Delayed Purchase messages)? a logical method for my company would have been to search by Buyer Code but Buyer Code is not an available search criteria on AX Dynamics?

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  • Hi

    We have the same issue. I don'tunderstand how Buyer code cannot be an available filter option within the action/futures screens. Each member of the Purchasing team has their own Buyer code, and each Buyer needs an easy way of seeing all their raise/expedite/delay and cancellation recommendations.

    I'm being told by our software implementers this is non-standard and requires a paid for modification.

    Does anyone have any experience of this issue?

  • You can add the buyer group to the actions report by Master Planning/Reports/Actions (or Futures), click Select,  Right Click on Net Requirements/select n:1, then Items.  You can then add filters by fields on the Item details to the report by clicking the Add button and selecting the Items table.  You can filter by buyer code this way.

  • Hi Julie

    Many thanks for your response. I should have made it clearer that when I talk about action/futures screens, I am talking about the Master Planning>Inquiries>Actions (or Futures).

    These are the screens that I see us using to expedite and delay orders. Is there anyway the Buyer code can be added to these screens?

  • I know of no way to get it on the inquiry screen.  I believe this would be a modification.