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Hi All,

I need help in Shop Floor Controls in the Works Planner. It currently displays employe number but I also need Employe Name.

Can anyone help me get this in there ?


I have been into setup but it does not seem to be in there.





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  • Hi Dex,

    To see employee name together with Employee ID, please do following developments in your system.

    1- Open Classes/ JmgWorkPlannerForm_Employee / initRowLAbels method

    2- Change Line:39 as this. rowLabels.insert(rowNumber, jmgEmployee.EmplId +'-'+/;

    3- Open Classes/ JmgWorkPlannerForm/ getRowLAbels method

    4- Replace current code by below code part.

    public str getRowLabel(int _row, boolean _showOriginal = true)
        str     rowText;
        if (rowLabels.exists(_row))
            rowText = rowLabels.lookup(_row);
            if(strFind(rowText,'-',1,strLen(rowText)) && _showOriginal)
                return subStr(rowText,1,strFind(rowText,'-',1,strLen(rowText))-1);
                return rowText;
        return '';

    5 - Open Forms/ JmgWorkPlannerForm/ Design / Group / Tab / EmployeeView / EmplTableGroup/ EmployeeTable/ methods/ RowLabel method

    6- Replace current code by below code part.

    public str rowLabel(int _row)
        str ret;

        if (employeeWorkPlannerForm)
            ret = employeeWorkPlannerForm.getRowLabel(_row,false);

        return ret;

    8 - Now it is ok.

    Mesut BOZTAŞ

    Istanbul -2013