How to copy an existing Legal Entity data to new Legal Entity ?

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Now, we want to copy master and setup data (transaction data are not included) from an existing Legal Entity to a new Legal Entity. We use AX 2012 R2.

We use export/import functions for this copy operation. After importing data to new LE, we found that following items does not copy to new LE.

- ItemGroupId

- InventModelGroupId

- InventtableModule.UnitId

and so on.

If anyone knows how to copy an exsisting LE to a new LE, please inform me.




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  • Did you find any work around, I am facing same requirement,


  • Hi, you can use the new Data Import/Export Framework for copying master data and some setup data. When needed you can create new entities yourself.

    The Data Import/Export Framework is available on information source.

    Take also a look at my blog:

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  • Thank you for your information about the  Data Import/Export Framework. I will try it.