AX 2012 R2 - New Feature Documentation ? Eg. NEW Project Purchase Order Parameters

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Is there any detailed (useful) R2 new feature documentation available?

Take for example the new Project Purchase Orders section in Project management & accounting parameters > General

I can find nothing on this in :

a. Help menu

b. Technet / MSDN

c. Partnersource documentation

d. InformationSource

I have switched the Item Consumption parameter on (without Create Item Requirement) and nothing seems to happen.

I expect the system to post the costs to the project upon posting of the Product Receipt, as aluded to in the official  Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 New Feature List document on page 5:

Project accounting


Consumption of project items on product receipt without an item requirement


Can anyone help with this?

Many thanks


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  • I am still searching for the answer on the same. If you have finded out. Kindly do update me also my writing a mail to me at

  • Hi,

    no real official documentation found, but I've wrote following blog post about it.

    Patrik, IT Pro Ramblings

  • Item transactions cannot be billed to the customer unless there is a financial consumption to the project. This happens via an item journal, project item requirements or the subsequent vendor invoice. A project purchase order simply receives the item into inventory and reserves it for the project. The new parameters in R2 simply automate the creation of item requirements for project purchase orders. If you look at the Project parameters form, you will see two new parameters, create item requirements and item consumption. Checking the first one will create a "backing" item requirement for every project purchase order. Checking the second one will silently answer "yes" to the question "consume items immediately" on posting of product receipt and bring up the packing slip form.

    Brian Welcker | Principal Group Program Manager - Service Industries | Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Did you see this from AX Support?!

    Might be what you are looking for.

  • I found the documentation for "Service Industry" very helpful in understanding this PO.